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Thermoplastic Vortex Pump Head Handles Solids-Laden Acids, Caustics

Dec. 26, 2012
The unit features a recessed, dynamically balanced, clog-free impeller, allowing solids to pass through the pump without blockage.

Pump/Tank Carts Handle Caustic and Acidic Chemicals

Nov. 9, 2011
Vanton mobile carts transfer fluids without corrosion or contamination.

Chemical Dosing System Utilizes Rotor Mounted On Eccentric Shaft

Feb. 10, 2011
A new weatherable solar-powered chemical-dosing system from Vanton Pump and Equipment Corp. features a nonmetallic, peristaltic pump for corrosion-free transfer of caustic and...

Thermoplastic Magnetically Driven Pump Now Available

Aug. 2, 2010
The pump is a sealless, single-stage, volute-type centrifugal design.

Bearingless Sump Pump Expands Flow Range

May 26, 2010
A new SUMP-GARD model SGK-2700 thermoplastic centrifugal pump handles flows to 1200 gpm (4500 lpm) at heads to 200 ft (60 m), it was announced by Ken Comerford, VP Sales and Marketing...