CP50: Solvay North America LLC

Company Information

Solvay North America LLC is the U.S. subsidiary of Belgium-based chemicals and pharmaceutical company Solvay SA . Together with his brother Alfred, he founded the company Solvay & Cie on December 24, 1863 to implement the new process for the industrial production of sodium carbonate. The first Solvay soda factory started operating in Couillet, Belgium, in 1865. It used salt from rock salt mines; the lime and CO2 were produced by the calcination of limestone in limekilns. The ammonia was recovered from the production process for re-use. Today, the company operates in three business units , which include pharmaceuticals, chemicals and plastics. The company employs more than 28,000 people in 50 countries with 400 sales and production facilities. The majority of its sales (95%) are made outside Belgium and 49% outside the European Union. Sales in 2007 reached US$12.1 billion. Net earnings in 2007 were over US$1 billion.

Company Officers

  • solvay Jean Pierre Clamadieu

    Jean-Pierre Clamadieu

    Chairman and CEO, Solvay SA

    Clamadieu is chairman CEO of Solvay Chemicals parent company Solvay SA. He replaced Christian Jourquin as CEO in May 2012 after Jourquin retired. He was appointed CEO of the Rhodia Group in 2003 and chairman and CEO in 2008. After the merger with Solvay, he became member of the executive committee in September 2011. He began his career in France in the Ministry of Industry and as a technical advisor to the Minister of Labor. He joined Rhône-Poulenc in 1993 where he held several positions, including president of Rhodia Chemicals Latin America, president of Rhodia Eco Services, senior vice president of corporate purchasing and president of the pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals division.

  • Michael Lacey

    Michael Lacey

    President, North America Zone & GBU Soda Ash and Derivatives North America Director

    In his role as president of GBU Soda Ash and Derivatives, Lacey is responsible for developing, articulating and implementing the strategic growth plan for Solvay Essential Chemicals' businesses operating in North America.

    Prior to leading the North America business, Lacey was executive vice president of finance and IT and chief financial officer for Solvay North America. During his tenure, he oversaw annual turnover of more than $3 billion and was project leader for Conexia, which established a single global integrated enterprise resource planning system for all operating companies.

    Lacey joined Solvay in 2002 in the acquisition of Ausimont and served as president of the newly formed company, Solexis.

  • Decuyper

    Vincent De Cuyper

    Executive Committee member, Solvay SA

    De Cuyper joined Solvay's executive committee in 2006 and serves as group general manager of the chemicals sector. He began his career at Solvay in 1987 and has held various positions in production and project management. In1999, he was appointed manager of the Vinythai plant in Map Ta Put in Thailand and, subsequently,managing director of Vinythai PCL.

Investor Information

For the latest financial reports, visit: http://www.solvay-investors.com

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