CP50: Dover Chemical Corp.

Company Information

Located in Dover, Ohio, and Hammond, Ind., Dover Chemical Corp. is a producer of alkylphenols, chlorinated paraffins, polymer additives, liquid and solid antioxidants (including organophosphites), flame retardants, and additives for water-based and oil-based metalworking fluids. Dover Chemical is ISO-9001 certified and is dedicated to the principles of Responsible Care, including product stewardship, community awareness, emergency response, pollution prevention, process safety, distribution, and employee health & safety. Dover Chemical is a subsidiary of ICC Industries Inc., which is headquartered in New York City. It was acquired by ICC in 1975.

Company Officers

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    Dwain S. Colvin


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    Charles W. (Chuck) Fletcher

    Vice President of Commercial Development

    Fletcher was named vice president of commercial development in 2008. He previously served as the company's vice president of marketing. Prior to joining Dover, Fletcher was director of marketing for the Halstab Division of Hammond Industries, where he managed sales, technical, and new product efforts for the specialty lead chemical producer.

    His chemical industry background also includes technical, sales, and management positions with Synthetic Products Company, Inc., Atochem (M&T Chemical Division), and Mallinckrodt Chemical, and he was president and owner of Hillcreek Development Corporation and R & N China Company Inc.

    Fletcher holds various patents for organotin stabilizer systems, and has authored several articles on PVC stabilization and lubrication.

Contact Information

Dover Chemical Corp.
3676 Davis Road NW
P.O. Box 40