Comical Processing: You Write The Cartoon Caption Winner September 19, 2017

Congratulations to Chuck Lewis for writing the funniest caption, according to our judges.

"Comical Processing" features drawings by award-winning cartoonist Jerry King. It’s our way of letting you take a break from all the serious stuff you deal with at work — by coming up with appropriate light-hearted captions.

cartoon 170816
Tim was awarded Employee of the Month for his quick action in warning others about the odoriferous fumes coming from the Accounting department's Taco Tuesday outing.

Honorable Mentions

"Frank is old school. He thinks that by removing the signs of danger you eliminate the hazard" Submitted by Fred Durrenberger, Missouri

"Signs, signs, everywhere this, don't do that, can't you read the signs?" Submitted by Joe Davis, Missouri

"I think we need a new safety manager." Submitted by Kiven Kiersey, Ireland (Republic)

"When Al's supervisor said:"Please take care of the "warning signs" at your site", I think he meant something different." Submitted by Manuel Herce, Delaware

"Darn it. I forgot the lock-out, tag-out sign." Submitted by Richard Molsbee, Tennessee

Other Submissions

"I better bring these signs in safety before the hurricane hits" Submitted by Albert Walrave, Luxembourg

"The chemical room is making strange noises, too late for these signs." Submitted by Bill Johnson, Illinois

"Walking with safety gear on, and trained for safe actions is better than running unprotected with slogans." Submitted by Christopher Kaijala, Michigan

"I need to get these put up before the inspection begins." Submitted by Christopher Spoor, Oklahoma

"Unknowingly, dimwitted Waldo when asked to find some paper products to start the fire at the company picnic,made some poor choices." Submitted by Chuck Lewis, Ohio

"Kind of ironic that he's not wearing any safety gear himself. I suppose next he'll be running with scissors!" Submitted by Craig Koerner, Wisconsin

"Skating on thin ice, Harold collected signs of the times." Submitted by Denise Pigula, Michigan

"Why use these signs if there are never accidents here?" Submitted by Ernesto Calderon, Ecuador

"Bill dances like a monkey while distributing the new safety slogans?" Submitted by George Hudak, Oklahoma

"Bill removes political signs from the property before the employees think there is a new program in place!" Submitted by George Hudak, Oklahoma

"Every day we have modifications in our Spin Off" Submitted by Hans van Dongen, Netherlands

"We can use these signs for the re-built plant!" Submitted by Jesús Velázquez, Tamaulipas, Mexico

"Next time I won't volunteer to make signs for our protest march!" Submitted by Jim Williard, Illinois

"As he runs off with the safety warnings, Donald Trump is assured that all OSHA and EPA regulations are disbanded." Submitted by Joe Davis, Missouri

"As part of the safety training, Jim puts this up on the screen and asks 'what's wrong with this picture'?" Submitted by Joe Davis, Missouri

"Political Rally" Submitted by Kathleen Parisi, New York

"You'd think he'd have other things to do rather than take down our safety reminders." Submitted by Mandy White, Wooster, Ohio

"Dancing like that with those sign will bring me billions of views on Youtube! I will be the king of janitors!!!!" Submitted by Martin Tremblay, Quebec

"These street signs were meant for this facility, and nobody knows I absconded with them saving the company extra money." Submitted by Marvin Sager, Maryland

"Well Done design team !! Give me my signs back I still need them" Submitted by Mayur Patel, India

"RUN!! The inspectors are here!" Submitted by Michael Irick, California

"Where's my sign that says Panic?" Submitted by Mike Curatola, California

"Where do these go again?" Submitted by Mike Dolan, Georgia

"I really do not know what these banners are for !" Submitted by Nelson Jaramillo, Venezuela

"HAY!! WATCH OUT FOR THESE SAFETY SIGNS !" Submitted by Nikhil Kamat, India

"Let's move the ugly signs before the families of our employees visit and tour the plant for Labor Day..." Submitted by Orlando Rainey, Virginia

"Safety is our goal. But let's be realistic here." Submitted by Tim Feider, Wisconsin

"I couldn't make it in sales so now I am the safety leader." Submitted by Timothy Rowbotham, Michigan

"Is the guy in the tie the hidden danger to safe operation?" Submitted by Tom Kohler, Kentucky