Comical Processing: You Write The Cartoon Caption Winner January 13, 2013

Congratulations to Robert Andrew -- he not only had the winning caption, but he also had an honorable mention for this week's Comical Processing cartoon.

"Comical Processing" features drawings by award-winning cartoonist Jerry King. It’s our way of letting you take a break from all the serious stuff you deal with at work — by coming up with appropriate light-hearted captions.

And my parents said being dorm twister champ in college wouldn't help in the "real world."

Honorable Mentions

"Tell me again why we went with the lowest bidder. . . " Submitted by Carla Maurer, Middleburg Heights, Ohio

"Honestly, the corrosive properties don’t concern me half as much as this opposable big toe I seem to have grown in the last 15 minutes. On the plus side it will make reaching for the remote a lot easier." Submitted by Michelle Mayer

"I feel like the little Dutch Boy…" Submitted by Robert Andrew

Other Submissions

"I know we're in a tight spot, but could you please scratch my nose with your right foot?" Submitted by Chuck Lewis

"Herb, you do have great balance, but that's just showing off!" Submitted by Chuck Lewis

"This beaker sure is getting hot! How sure are you that more than 250 ml is the critical mass required for detonation?" Submitted by George M. Hudak

"Sandy: Ben, Bill said you can never have too little of the green fumes in the first 5 minutes! Ben: What does that mean? Is too few a problem or not?" Submitted by George M. Hudak

"Sandy, move away! The impact sensitive experiment just happens to be in the beaker held by my left foot." Submitted by George M. Hudak

"We need a Six Sigma Black Belt – only 5 of the 6 produced the desired results!" Submitted by George M. Hudak

"Since we were just two days from a scheduled shutdown, I asked Maintenance for a temporary fix. Never thought they would use duct tape!" Submitted by Hector E. Diaz , Tucker, Ga.

"I guess we better budget for larger cups as part of the project to increase line pressure!" Submitted by Keith Wamsley, Nashville

"We just have to hold on until maintenance gets off of their break…" Submitted by Larry Shade, Augusta, GA

"Now I understand the meaning of the “juggler effect” mentioned in this Ringlin Brothers project." Submitted by Raul Sabadi, Suriname

"I guess the Reliability Inspector was right about our corrosion issue!" Submitted by Scott J. Weston, Ashtabula, Ohio

"Who knew green chemistry could be so corrosive???" Submitted by Steve Smith, Houston, Texas