Comical Processing: You Write The Cartoon Caption

Congratulations to Craig Koerner from Wisconsin. His caption struck the funny bone with our editors.

"Comical Processing" features drawings by award-winning cartoonist Jerry King. It’s our way of letting you take a break from all the serious stuff you deal with at work — by coming up with appropriate light-hearted captions.

cartoon 160628
Wow! Who knew storing the Peeps left over from Easter would do that?!

Honorable Mentions

"I think we followed the wrong yellow brick road." Submitted by Dana Kolodziejczyk, Illinois

"Things really have gotten out of hand since they brought in that new researcher from Chernobyl." Submitted by Kenneth Russell, Georgia

"I heard they moved the Fort Knox gold, but this is ridiculous!" Submitted by Marvin Sager, Maryland

"Did Joe have chili for lunch again?" Submitted by Miles Richman, California

"The janitor quit when we took over his broom closet. I suggest we package it up as "free samples from our competitors" and mail them out randomly. We did that at my last company with the nuclear waste. It'll be cheaper than the proper disposal fees." Submitted by Robert Bauer, Michigan

Other Submissions

"" Submitted by

"It's a floor wax and a tooth paste......" Submitted by Ben Drone, Louisiana

"Yeah, I heard it too... Bob finished his bean burrito and I TOLD him he should wait an hour." Submitted by Brian Maloney, Pennsylvania

"Fit an extensometer? That's the dumbest thing I have heard today." Submitted by Cameron Watt, British Columbia

"Did I mention you should have worn safety sun glasses?" Submitted by Chuck DiLullo, Florida

"It is good the door is holding." Submitted by Daniel Strickler , Maryland

"I heard the bean-counters refused any budget to expand the hazardous waste storage, said it made no profit. Good job their office is downstairs...." Submitted by Dave Laycock, Singapore

"We are close. The light was green yesterday, today is yellow, tomorrow will be white!!!" Submitted by Diego Saez, Spain

"Looks like the sequel to Stephen King's "IT"" Submitted by Fred Durrenberger, Missouri

"Reminds me of monsters in the closet. Not nearly as scary once we open the door and deal with it." Submitted by Fred Durrenberger, Missouri

"If we add the blue light from the other waste stream - then we will have a green waste - everyone wins!" Submitted by George Hudak, Oklahoma

"I think this confirms the particle nature of light - a wave wouldn't bow the door like this." Submitted by George Hudak, Oklahoma

"I know, even though it is hazardous, it has that warm welcoming glow of an early spring day." Submitted by George Hudak, Oklahoma

"Tom, I told you you should spend the extra money on the UV coating for your glasses like I did!" Submitted by George Hudak, Oklahoma

"The light is soooo pretty Jerry, what's that pretty light, open the door and you'll give us super powers?!" Submitted by George Lavoie, Maine

"Did you know the "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" was originally recorded in this Studio?" Submitted by Gianluca Premoli, Schaffhausen, Switzerland

"My God! Please, stop the life cycle of the waste upgrading catalyst, or all of us will be decomposed to the liquid fuel too!" Submitted by Ille Johannes, Estonia, Tallinn

"Better call Ghost Busters!" Submitted by Iowa, Gary Wierson

"Shouldn't that GHS label on the door be the bomb thingy and not the skin irritant? Call up Safety and tell them to re-label the door so it will be safe." Submitted by James Taylor, Missouri

"Find the joker who put this sign on the Director's office." Submitted by Jatin Shah, India

"Are you sure you don't see any problem? I know I'm the new guy, but it doesn't look right to me." Submitted by Jeanne Clark, Texas

"Has anyone called Agents Mulder and Scully? This is an X-file case. This waste is ALIVE, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!" Submitted by Joe Davis, Missouri

"I'm sorry Henry, as management, if I don't see a problem then one doesn't exist." Submitted by Joe Davis, Missouri

""There's no such thing as spooks, there's no such thing as spooks........." "Well then open your eyes George."" Submitted by Joe Davis, Missouri

"NOOOOOOOOOO, DON'T go into the light! It's a trick!" Submitted by Joe Davis, Missouri

""Release meee", (from other side of door). George: "Can we have peace?". Other side: "Peace? No Peace." George: "What do you want us to do?" Other side: "Diiiiiiiiiie!" Bennie: "Hey, that was pretty good guys, just like the movie Independence Day" Submitted by Joe Davis, Missouri

""George......You promised me that all of the Engineering Controls would be fail safe!" "I'm sorry boss, we under-rated the reaction potential, and......boom."" Submitted by Joe Davis, Missouri

"I think our little chunk of the sun is about to go supernova." Submitted by John Opiola, Pennsylvania

"You mean to tell me they've been running a tanning salon in there?" Submitted by Jordan Smith, Avon, Ohio

"I thought the satellite storage area had a 90 day limit." Submitted by Kenneth Russell, Georgia

"I don't know why OSHA wants this storage room labeled, the unavoidable hue is a dead giveaway" Submitted by Kevin Summ, Wisconsin

"We can at least two more drums in there..." Submitted by Larry Shade, Georgia

"That's not the light at the end of the tunnel that we were looking for." Submitted by Mark McMillen, Pennsylvania

"I guess we need to call maintenance to seal the door! This yellow is going to give us a funny color tan." Submitted by Martin Czebotar, New Jersey

"We didn't predict this kind of chemical interaction would occur..." Submitted by Orlando Rainey, Virginia

"Don't worry Jack, I am hopeful we can deal with it. We have the brains and the technology; and of course we have Watson!" Submitted by Rabih Zayed, Nova Scotia, Canada

"I told him not to take a second bowl of Chili!" Submitted by Ray Freudinger, Illinois

"Super Powers - yeah right!" Submitted by Robert Pyke, California

"I told him smoking would be bad for his health" Submitted by Robert Pyke, California

"You better call Janitorial, this looks like it might be messy!" Submitted by Robert Pyke, California

"Dang it! That's the fifth door this week!" Submitted by Robert Pyke, California

"Let me out!! Let me out!! I promise I won't tell what you Guys have been storing in here." Submitted by Ron Belk, California

"Better call the HAZMAT TEAM, Bob. I think we have a leaker." Submitted by Ron Belk, California

"They call me Mellow-Yellow, Quite Rightly!" Submitted by Ron Belk, California

"NAH , ITS NOT GONNA BLOW." Submitted by Sabin Sunny, Kerala, India

"OMG! The wastes have reacted to generate Yellow fluoroscent paint instead of RED!" Submitted by Suresh Nama, India

"Better remove the DOOR and seal the opening with BRICK MASONRY!!" Submitted by Suresh Nama, India

"Do you think if we go in, we can become the new Hulk ?" Submitted by Theophile Thizy, Kent, UK

"No! Don't use water to put out the sodium fire." Submitted by Tim Feider, Wisconsin

"Curious Yellow or the yellow submarine is surfacing?" Submitted by Wolfgang Abele, Texas