Comical Processing Cartoon Celebrates Jerry King's 10-Year Anniversary

Help us congratulate Jerry King for providing us with laughs for 10 years. Submit your captions now.

Chemical Processing features drawings by award-winning cartoonist Jerry King.

Please complete the form below the cartoon to submit your caption. The winning caption will be featured on our Web site and in the Chemical Processing Weekly eNewsletter.

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Current Submissions

"I thought chemical engineers never had humor, but then...their captions were much more funnier than my art, honestly, so yeah, I stand corrected." Submitted by Chenny Compuesto, Philippines

" Now wait for the punch line --- Jerry has always fancied himself a comedian." Submitted by Cherie Avallon, Indiana

"And in conclusion, I would like to thank the Chemical Processing Newsletter and the following for my 10 years of success, my parents, my Thursday night Star Wars club, my Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master, my X Box team members and my monthly comic book g" Submitted by Chuck Lewis, Ohio

""People often ask me," "Where do you come up with these great drawings?" "Do you read safety statistics everyday?" "Do you set on safety councils around the country?" Nope! "I watch about six hours of The Three Stooges a day for inspiration."" Submitted by Chuck Lewis, Ohio

"Jerry's just standing there waiting for somebody to submit a speech for him to read." Submitted by Craig Koerner, Wisconsin

" The platform for my campaign is "Let's Make America Safe Again!!!!"" Submitted by David Winters

" The Dilbert of Chemical Engineering." Submitted by Gabby Massoud, Texas

"How will he ever succeed? Sure he can draw.. but he can never come up with the lines!" Submitted by George Hudak, Texas

"As Jerry began his speech, he hoped that the Philip Morris folks couldn't spell..." Submitted by Gregory Sykes, Texas

"Though Jerry misunderstood our initial request for him to make a preliminary engineering design sketch of our project, he sure has made a career out of it." Submitted by John Iverson, Michigan

" don't take chemistry too seriously" Submitted by Jose Sentmanat, Texas

"You like me, you really like me!" Submitted by JS, India

"What you don’t realize is I’m only drawing what I see. STOP GIVING ME SO MAMY IDEAS!" Submitted by Kenneth Russell, Georgia

"10 years... Ok... I will give you a bit more time to get it... But please pay attention!!" Submitted by Martin Tremblay, Quebec

"Great Mega Big Celebration for 10 years may seem out of proportion... But what did you expect from a cartoonist!?" Submitted by Martin Tremblay, Quebec

"What an amusing accomplishment! 10 years of diligent work putting absurd thoughts to paper. Just think, Jerry King, you get paid for this funny stuff, also. Many kudos, Jerry." Submitted by Marvin Sager, Maryland

"The first appointment at 40, thanks for an excellent Comic Processing Cartoon, one Great WorK !!!!" Submitted by Nain Aguado, Colombia

" Many people think: "He draws such absurd and unrealistic ideas," but let me tell you that many of them I took from real life situations" Submitted by Nelson Jaramillo, Venezuela

" I told my mom all those pictures on the walls would lead to more than time out!" Submitted by Otha Hansford, Florida

" There is no truth to the rumor that I will soon be leaving to get a real job!" Submitted by Phil Grimes, Illinois

"Jerry is Great.. .but I Hope He doesn't Sing "To All The Girls I Loved Before" in the Middle of His Speech!" Submitted by Rabih Zayed, Quebec

" Comical Processing Cartoon" Submitted by Ricardo Dettino, São Paulo

" And the winner is . . . ." Submitted by Ronald Strybos, Texas

"and in closing I hope you all will continue to look as goofy to you as you do to me for the next 10 years." Submitted by Sandy Exum, Georgia

" That's all folks!" Submitted by Steve Cocks, Italy

" … and those who thought they were really safety signs, a big THANK YOU! for all of the new material!" Submitted by Steven Jystad, Minnesota

" Hoping for peace and empowerment in Chemical Industry through art" Submitted by Sumedh Devi, India

"Now I get 4 weeks of vacation and I can finally go to Comic-Con!" Submitted by Tom Rybarczyk, California

"The visual aids at this year's CP convention were the best ever! I can't wait to see what Jerry does for the 20th year!" Submitted by Tommy Little, Texas

"Who knew chemical engineers were so funny! Congratulations, Jerry. " Submitted by Traci Purdum, Cleveland, Ohio