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Comical Processing: You Write The Cartoon Caption Winner November 7, 2011

Nov. 7, 2011
Congratulations to Denny Clinton, who submitted the winning caption to this cartoon. Think you can write a funny caption? Be sure to check out our latest cartoon.
"Comical Processing" features drawings by award-winning cartoonist Jerry King. It’s our way of letting you take a break from all the serious stuff you deal with at work —  by coming up with appropriate light-hearted captions.

You call this a small leak around the gasket?!?!

Honorable Mentions

"Where's the Little Dutch Boy when we need him?!?" Submitted  by  Denny Clinton

"What was that about not needing to Lock Out the system?" Submitted  by  Jaclyn E. Shuman

"Did you test for zero pressure like the OSHA standard said?" Submitted  by  Jerry Culbert

"You should have seen where I started." Submitted  by  Mervin Archer

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"Who opened the dam valve?" Submitted  by Dale Stout; Colorado Springs, Colo.

"Oh what a relief it is." Submitted  by Dale Stout; Colorado Springs, Colo.

"Captain, she can't take much more pressure." Submitted  by Dale Stout; Colorado Springs, Colo.

"You're right Phil. . . if we turn up the pressure, we could sell tickets to ride it!!" Submitted  by  Mike Beyers

"Let's just say 'it's supposed to do this.'" Submitted  by  Ferman Prewitt

"Nope, pressure is not high enough and it needs a little more heat. Can you please adjust now that you are done staring at our new test method?" Submitted  by  Frank Preston

"Is this due for preventative maintenance?" Submitted  by  Chris McDonald

"Maybe I should have locked out this pump first." Submitted  by  Joshua Froimson

"You know the rules. . .where are your safety glasses?" Submitted  by  Ron Clouse

"Did the Control Board Operator get the High-High Alarm yet???!!!" Submitted  by  Scott J. Weston

"Did you let the new squirt work on this?" Submitted  by  Dale Stout

"Old Faithful's broken right on time." Submitted  by  Dale Stout

"It's ready for The Bellagio." Submitted  by  Dale Stout

"I heard Jay-Z and Beyonce have two made outta gold!" Submitted  by  Alex Brandstetter

"Wait till you see what drys you off..." Submitted  by  Alex Brandstetter

"Why don't you quit watching me like I'm a water fountain show in Las Vegas and find the shutoff valve!" Submitted  by  Chuck Lewis

"Yep, this is the discharge end." Submitted  by  Chuck Lewis

"This pump may be a bit oversized for our new bidet design!" Submitted  by  Denny Clinton; Denver, Colo.

"I think it stops after the rinse cycle." Submitted  by  Dale Stout; Colorado Springs, Colo.

"You were right, the overflow alarm is broken." Submitted  by  Sarah Winfield; Grafton, Ohio

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