INEOS Uses Emerson's Smart Wireless Technology To Monitor Filters

March 31, 2009
Emerson Process Management’s Smart Wireless technology enables INEOS to monitor filters within polyethylene pellet transportation tubes at the INEOS plant in Cologne, Germany.The polyethylene pellets are “blown” through the transportation tubes using compressed air. The in-coming air is filtered to prevent any pollution of final product. The filters become blocked over time and lose their efficiency, which in turn affects the quality of the end product. A liquid column (U-tube) was installed across the filter, indicating the differential pressure.  An increase in the pressure suggests that the filters are blocking. However, identifying a blocked filter depends on the operator making his rounds at the moment the blockage was becoming noticeable.INEOS elected to install Emerson’s Smart Wireless solution. Eight Rosemount 3051S DP wireless transmitters were installed, as well as a single Emerson Smart Wireless gateway. The eight wireless transmitters send the pressure data back to the INEOS control system where the condition of the filters can be constantly monitored. The transmitters are positioned up to 150 meters from the gateway.With Emerson’s self-organizing technology, each wireless device can act as a router for other nearby devices, passing messages along until they reach their destination, according to Emerson. If there is an obstruction, transmissions are simply re-routed along the network until a clear path to the Smart Wireless gateway is found. As conditions change or new obstacles, such as temporary scaffolding, new equipment or a parked vehicle, are encountered in a plant,  these wireless networks simply reorganize and find a way to get their signals through. “We found Smart Wireless so easy to use and we are currently testing it at eight filters in our logistic area,” said Mehlkopf. “One of the main attractions of the solution is the ease in which you can expand the network. It is possible to add additional transmitters to the existing wireless network without having to add additional gateways.”For more information, visit: Emerson Process Management.  

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