Vibration Analyzer Monitors Machine Conditions In Hazardous Environments

Oct. 11, 2012

Emerson Process Management’s CSI 2125-IS Machinery Health Analyzer intrinsically safe vibration analyzer is certified for use in IECEx and ATEX Zone 0 and Zone 1 hazardous areas. The CSI 2125-IS expands Emerson’s route-based machinery analyzer portfolio so users can access predictive diagnostics from hazardous areas of their operation.

The CSI 2125-IS delivers similar route vibration analysis capabilities to Emerson’s CSI 2130 Machinery Health Analyzer. The CSI 2125-IS also includes Emerson’s PeakVue technology, providing the earliest indication of bearing and gearbox wear. It is the first intrinsically safe vibration analyzer with PeakVue analysis capabilities. 

Users of the CSI 2125-IS can customize alarm parameters and integrate collected data with AMS Suite asset management software for deeper analysis and collaboration with other machinery health technologies like oil and infrared analysis. The integration of field data with asset management functionality delivers an in-depth view of machinery condition and enables economical prioritization and planning of corrective action.

The CSI 2125-IS is compact, lightweight, can operate for up to eight continuous hours and features a touch screen for easy use in the field.