LCE Launches Reliability Website

Sept. 14, 2016
New website helps manufacturing professionals build the capabilities they need to achieve best-in-class levels of operational reliability.

Life Cycle Engineering launches, a website focused on helping manufacturing professionals build the capabilities they need to achieve best-in-class levels of operational reliability, according to the company. LCE provides Reliability Excellence (Rx) consulting, services and education designed to help clients achieve greater capacity, lower operational costs, reduced capital investment, extended asset life cycle, improved safety and enhanced regulatory compliance. LCE’s Powered By Rx approach creates reliability-centric standard practices for business processes, operational and maintenance work execution, asset reliability and organizational effectiveness.

LCE uses a three-wave approach that includes an assessment to examine and evaluate current reliability processes and practices as compared to industry-accepted best practices. The assessment scores 29 performance centers linked to the five levels of the Reliability Excellence Model and rates the organization on a reactive to proactive scale.

“The Reliability Excellence Model and our Powered By Rx approach are not new,” says Brad Cunic, senior vice president of LCE’s Reliability Consulting Group. “In fact, more than 350 organizations have been assessed using this model. What’s new is how we have amassed so many resources – articles, videos, whitepapers, podcasts and classes – and connected them to the elements that organizations need to master if they are going to reap the financial benefits of implementing reliability across their organization.”

“Organizations are realizing they need to be prepared for the rapid technology changes occurring with the Industrial Internet of Things,” says Bob Fei, president and CEO. “Without establishing a culture of reliability, optimized processes and accurate data capture, organizations won’t reap the huge benefits predicted for IIOT.”

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