Dirty CMMS Data Thwarts Efforts

June 12, 2018
Cleaning up CMMS data will not only yield dividends in enhanced productivity today, but also prepare your plant for a connected future.

Organizational data has become an essential tool for industrial manufacturers that want to remain productive and profitable. New applications coming to organizations offer the ability to leverage critical plant data interconnected with cloud-based technologies for process improvement, greater reliability, better control, enhanced training, and much more. Even if an organization is not currently moving toward cloud-connected applications and plant data analytics, that move is likely on the horizon because of the potential for productivity gains that can be realized by combining systems to augment and automate workflows.

As with any system, the highest-quality results are possible only when starting with the highest-quality input. To achieve the best results from new cloud-connected applications coming to plants, organizations must ensure that the data in the CMMS is “clean.” Cleansing CMMS data to enhance its reliability today will not only improve the organization’s current performance but also will ultimately make it easier for plants to adopt essential emerging technologies.

To keep the CMMS reliable, it is important that companies keep close tabs on how these systems are managed. A recent Emerson survey suggests that while 85% of users rate their CMMS as “very important” or “critical” to their business goals, 75% also rate the effectiveness of their CMMS as “poor.”

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