Cyber Security

Is Your Cybersecurity Strategy Sound?

To minimize risks and get the most protection in the least amount of time you need to plan and develop a cybersecurity program. This special report paves the way.

By Chemical Processing Staff

There are thousands of systems in operations today without any basic security controls in place. While chemical processing companies have long been confronting cybersecurity concerns and may be farther along than most industries in protecting and defending against the risks, it doesn't mean they can let down their guard. It’s also safe to say that luck is not a strategy.

Repercussions of an incident can be brutal — not only financially, but to reputations, security, competitiveness, efficiency, downtime and human and environmental health. To further complicate issues, cybersecurity threats are always evolving.

“Now we see very complex, multistage cyber attacks from professional attackers who have the capability to perform long-term reconnaissance operations and manage sophisticated attack strategies,” notes Eric Byres, senior partner at ICS Secure. “They have the ability to maneuver and deploy a new pathway into their victim if someone detects their initial probes. And, they are patient.”

There is no single, correct approach to cybersecurity, but steps should be taken to enhance your readiness and minimize the effects of a successful attack. To help you resist the tendency for fear, uncertainty and doubt, and make cybersecurity a priority in your organization, the editors at Chemical Processing along with ABB have put together a Special Report: Cybersecurity Resilience.

Download the Special Report now.


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