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Keep Predictive Maintenance Programs Alive

Review your site’s work completion report keying in on PdM work to see if it is being accomplished.

By Edward Espinosa, Puget Sound Energy, for our sister publication Plant Services

Making predictive maintenance (PdM) an important part of an overall maintenance and reliability strategy enhances uptime. The decision to proceed with such a program is easy. How one places this program into effect and perpetuates it is the challenge.

Integrating technologies into a facility’s reliability strategy requires commitment and follow-through to attain the benefits of PdM. Expending scarce resources to perform PdM for the sake of meeting a corporate objective is meaningless, unless the data collected from PdM is used to make business decisions to optimize plant reliability and availability, the ultimate goal. The crux of this decision-making isn’t knowing whether to conduct the maintenance, but knowing when to do the maintenance. Many a PdM program falls flat after the initial excitement diminishes due to many reasons. PdM programs fail because:

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