Solution Helps Design Fluid-Flow Systems

Invensys Operations Management has released SimSci-Esscor Visual Flow version 5.4, the newest edition of its flare and relief network design simulation solution. Version 5.4 was designed to provide greater simulation capabilities, enhanced integration with other SimSci-Esscor applications and support for the latest operating environments.

The simulator aids process and safety engineers in designing, modeling and documenting plant fluid-flow systems, including flare and relief systems. The simulator provides solutions for piping applications that range from line sizing and vessel depressuring to rating complex relief and flare systems.

The design simulation solution's documentation capabilities can reduce the effort needed during regulatory audits and lower the cost of compliance. Other key capabilities include simulation for modeling flare and relief systems, point-by-point thermodynamics and pressure-drop calculations, the ability to calculate fluid equilibria and physical properties using industry standard thermodynamic packages, integration with Thermo Data Manager 3.5, DIERS Compliance – Phase 2, and support off multi-user environments.