3-D Modeling For Jacketed Vessels Includes Updated ASME Codes

Intergraph's PV Elite 2011 comes with updated ASME codes and new capabilities for integrated 3-D modeling of jacketed vessels and vapor belts and for modeling tubesheets with simple supports. The new integrated -3D modeling allows users to add jackets or vapor belts as details on the main elements with jackets spanning across element boundaries, eliminating the need to manually transfer between vessel and jacket models.

The enhancements can enable faster and more accurate modeling. For tubesheets, users can now model the welded joint between the tubesheet and the shell or the channel cylinders, which can reduce stress while producing a more economical design that meets code requirements. PV Elite also includes all of the updates in the ASME code for vessel engineering and design, with recreated imperial tables plus the addition of ASME metric material tables.  

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Modeling and simulation software