Two-Parameter Transmitter Available For Analytical Sensing

Endress+Hauser introduces the Liquiline CM442, a four-wire, two-parameter transmitter for analytical sensing applications. The Liquiline transmitter accepts data from two sensors and measures any combination of various parameters including but not limited to turbidity/suspended solids, nitrate, SAC (UV254), ISE, dissolved oxygen, pH/ORP, chlorine, concentration and conductivity.

Instead of using two single-parameter transmitters to measure two process variables, users can employ a single Liquiline. This can save money because only one instrument has to be purchased, installed and maintained. It's also designed to save space and create a simpler analytical sensing system.

The CM442 Liquiline transmitter accepts any two Memosens sensor inputs, each with true hot plug-and-play capabilities via a digital interface link. This allows users to interchange sensors at will with immediate sensor recognition. Users can remove and replace each sensor for calibration, diagnostic and other purposes. 

For example, if data from any sensor is questionable, it can be replaced with a pre-calibrated sensor. The questionable unit can then be recalibrated and tested in an environmentally controlled location such as a laboratory. Data stored in each Memosens sensor is automatically recognized via the Liquiline hot plug-and-play feature, and simple rapid mechanical installation is provided via an optional M12 connector.

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