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  • Drying Compressed Air in Hazardous Atmospheres

    Author: Parker Hannifin

    Hazardous locations have or could potentially have high concentrations of flammable gases, vapors, combustible dusts, etc. A small spark can lead to a horrific explosion dangerous to equipment and workers in the area. Equipment located in hazardous areas

  • Reducing Water Consumption in Compressed Air Systems

    Author: Hitachi

    Compressed air systems are sometimes called the "4th Utility" due to their presence in almost all industrial processes and facilities. As US water consumption continues to increase, compressed air systems provide an opportunity for energy managers to reduc

  • Chemical Processing Special Report: Compressed Air

    Author: Atlas Copco

    Chemical manufacturers today are looking at all aspects of their business to conserve energy and decrease costs. Compressed air is often over looked in these efforts as many people do not fully understand compressed air equipment, their own system, or what

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