Modeling Software Can Improve Oil And Gas Reservoir Management

Invensys Operations Management announces the release of its SimSci-Esscor Pipephase 9.4 software for rigorous modeling of steady-state, multiphase flow in oil and gas networks and pipeline systems. The updated Pipephase release can improve the ability to manage oil and gas reservoirs using enhanced subsurface well modeling functions and an interface with GEMT reservoir simulation software applications from Computer Modeling Group.

Accurate modeling of oil and gas reservoirs helps producers manage and extract more of these vital resources. Pipephase 9.4 delivers comprehensive modeling capabilities that create a unified well profile by linking subsurface wellbore links and allowing multiple tubing connections and custom data entry of well depths. It also integrates with GEM to simulate CO2 sequestration and oil recovery from depleted fields, providing a fully coupled surface network-to-reservoir simulation solution for the market.

SimSci-Esscor simulation software is designed to provide the basis of solutions for oil producers worldwide, enabling them to get more from their assets in a safer manner. Pipephase 9.4 combines Invensys' fluid-flow simulation with CMG's reservoir simulation.