Steady State Simulation Software Offers a Flexible Environment

ProSim announces the release of its steady state simulation software, ProSimPlus. ProSimPlus is a process engineering software package that is used in the design and operation of existing plants for process optimization, for unit troubleshooting or debottlenecking, for plant revamping or for performing front-end engineering analysis. It provides a thermodynamic module and a unit operations library that allow the modeling of a variety of processes.

This new release provides users with a flexible environment that helps them meet today's engineering challenges and increase their efficiency and productivity. Improvements include a thermodynamic package and a set of unit operation models and convergence methods. Additionally, an easy-to-use graphical interface ensures quick learning and optimizes access to simulation results.

Simulis Thermodynamics, ProSim's thermodynamic server, is now fully embedded in ProSimPlus. This module offers a full set of functions for the analysis of the thermophysical phenomena that can occur in a process. In particular, transport or thermodynamic properties and phase equilibria on streams can be calculated in only a few clicks. The thermodynamic model library was enriched with equations of state PR78 and PR78BM and with several calculation services for Reid vapor pressure, equilibrium constants and surface tension or residue curves plotting.

Several unit operation modules such as the "Pipe Segment" or the "Heat Exchanger" were enhanced with additional configuration options or new calculation methods. In particular, a new interface was built for the "Optimization" module, allowing the user to configure the calculation parameters more easily.

These improvements are supported by a complete revision of the graphical interface. The new version facilitates the creation and the analysis of process diagrams. In a convenient and flexible environment, the user can build, structure and analyze complex flowsheets, thanks to labels text, shape or image insertions or the ergonomic features such as subflowsheets or zoom. Simulation results can be accessed directly from the flowsheet in popup tables, charts or in operation windows.

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