Fabricator Software for Automated Deliverables

COADE has announced the release of COADE PV Fabricator, a new software product for the automated production of design and fabrication deliverables for pressure vessels and heat exchangers. The package leverages the existing bi-directional links between COADE PV Elite, for pressure vessel and heat exchanger design and analysis, and COADE CADWorx Equipment, for parametric equipment modeling.

Deliverables generated by PV Fabricator include 2-D layout and detail drawings, bills of material tables, nozzle schedules, weld details, title blocks, nameplates, notes and other annotations that may be needed for deliverables. PV Fabricator comes with parametric modeling for fast and accurate development of fully editable 3-D models of pressure vessels and heat exchangers. From these models, designers can develop complete fabrication deliverables for their pressure vessels and heat exchangers by using the built-in tools that automate the detail production process. These tools can reduce the time required for fabrication deliverables by 80% or more compared to conventional methods of drawing. 

When PV Fabricator is linked to PV Elite, the benefits multiply for engineering and design integration with the ability to deliver an intelligent 3-D model from the PV Elite output. This eliminates redundant work and the resulting mistakes that can occur.

Engineering design
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Modeling and simulation software