Product Suite Features a Fully Integrated, Real-time Development Operations System

Conformia announces the release of Version 3.0, which features the first fully integrated, inclusive, real-time development operations system for process manufacturing. The 3.0 product suite will enable activities in drug development to be managed through a completely integrated, centralized repository that provides researchers real-time access and control of information, in addition to enabling electronic execution of the manufacturing process. The PPLM solution also provides a dashboard for the entire development and manufacturing team to further enhance collaboration and information sharing and bridges an important gap — that of technology transfer between commercial manufacturing and R&D.
Conformia PPLM solution features include:

  • Recipe authoring and reengineering
  • Real-time electronic batch record 
  • Alerts and notifications during execution 
  • In-process sampling 
  • Enhanced object modeling and services across the lifecycle platform 
  • Recipe, recipe element and recipe action template libraries 
  • Conformance to ISA-88 and ISA-95 standards 
  • Graphical representation of entire process for authoring, execution and review 
  • Enhanced integration capabilities
Engineering design
Product Type:
Modeling and simulation software