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New Kurt SPC PREMIUM is the ideal software solution for real-time intelligence gathering to improve quality while raising productivity and reliability of QA systems. The software provides the highest level of total shop floor control and analysis.

Kurt SPC PREMIUM software goes beyond standard statistical control software. It allows users to automate, control and analyze all manufacturing processes. Connects to all gaging devices for seamless data collection. Controls automated and inline gaging while keeping processes in control.

"Kurt SPC PREMIUM software allows the user to fully utilize the wealth of product and process data to a competitive advantage," reports David Richardson, Kurt Electronics sales manager. "A user can find root causes of product/process quality outcomes and apply models of critical relationships between important factors. These models can then be deployed for ongoing process monitoring."

According to Mr. Richardson, the new software is fully web-enabled analysis platform designed for multi-user use and integrates quickly and easily with existing databases.

Additional features of the software include: real-time variable and attribute charting; spreadsheet, light column and digital data entry; customizable screens and reports; advanced statistical analysis; event actions, alarms and assignable cause actions; multi-level security access and screen lock-out; PC based part print, photo or CAD drawing displayed with features, video and sound; control checks, error codes and text tagging; TCP/IP IPX/SPX network supported.
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