Turbomolecular Pump Handles Large Capacities

Edwards Limited introduces the STP-iXA4506 large-capacity turbomolecular pump (TMP). The pump has been designed to deliver significant savings for cost-sensitive manufacturers of semiconductors, flat panel displays, LEDs and solar panels.

The pump’s high speed (4300 l/s N2) and throughput (up to 4300 sccm N2), combined with its ability to efficiently pump both light and heavy gases, make the STP-iXA4506 suitable for a wide range of large-volume, high-flow applications, including semiconductor etch, LCD etch, glass coating, solar PVD and coating PVD.

Its tightly-integrated design includes a completely sealed electronic module. When needed, a thermal management system can be added to reduce the accumulation of deposits and particulates from process byproducts.

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