Installation Kit Offered For Fluidizer Disks

Solimar Pneumatics announced a new method of installation for its 2-inch diameter Mini Fluidizer disks. The Fast-Fit Kit requires drilling a small hole before the fluidizer is inserted from outside the vessel or pipeline. An alignment plate correctly positions the fluidizer stem for easy attachment and a retaining cable assists in trouble-free installation of gasket, washer and nut. The Mini Fluidizer is suitable for tight curvature chambers down to 4-inch diameter (100 mm) to keep product from bridging, rat holing or hanging up in corners.

The Mini Fluidizer features superior sealing properties, optimized air volume and a durable design that will not tear, crack, wear prematurely or clog, according to Solimar. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved materials enable food compatibility with models that operate in temperatures up to 450˚ F (230˚C).  Numerous combinations of stems, fittings and airlines are available with models for high pressure/low volume or low pressure/high volume air systems. Free engineering assistance is also available.

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