Enhanced Server Launched For Automation Platform

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MatrikonOPC announced the release of the enhanced MatrikonOPC Sever for Foxboro I/A, which now includes support for Foxboro I/A Series systems version 8.8. The MatrikonOPC Server for Foxboro I/A securely facilitates communication between OPC-enabled client software, such as HMI, historian and reporting software, and Foxboro I/A devices.

Recently, Invensys announced the deprecation of FoxAPI beginning in version 8.8 of Foxboro I/A.  This update allows users of Foxboro I/A 8.8 and above to continue to utilize OPC-based communication by leveraging the AIM API.

Key features of the MatrikonOPC Server for Foxboro I/A include:

•          Support for FoxAPI, Object Manager and AIM API

•          Integrated OPC security

•          Real-time (DA) and Historical (HDA) OPC data access

•          Built-in alias configuration

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