Controller Offers One Nanosecond Bit Performance

Siemens introduced the SIMATIC S7-1518F, a controller with a bit performance of one nanosecond. Designed to increase flexibility, safety, efficiency and productivity at the plant floor level, the controller is suitable for high-end standard and safety-related machine and plant automation applications.

The S7-1518F has four communication interfaces: a Profinet interface with a 2-port switch for communication with the field level, two Profinet interfaces and one Profibus interface. The failsafe controller also accommodates up to 128 drive axes, operates isochronously in 250 microseconds and has 10MB of memory.

Siemens has also introduced the SIMATIC S7-1516F CPU. Programs are created with the Step 7 Safety Advanced V13 engineering tool, which includes drag & drop, project-wide cross-reference list, safety administration editor, online/offline comparator and additional integrated system support functions. The tool creates fail-safe applications, delivering the same engineering and operating concepts for both standard and safety-related tasks.

Both CPUs are certified to EN 61508 (2010) for functional safety and are suitable in safety-relevant applications up to SIL 3 according to IEC 62061 and PL e according to ISO 13849. Additional password protection has been set up for F-configuration and F-program for IT security.

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