Non-Contacting Level Transmitter is Suitable for Harsh Environments

Emerson Process Management has expanded the measurement capabilities of the Rosemount 3100 series of ultrasonic non-contacting level transmitters to harsh environments with the option of a plastic (glass-filled nylon) housing. Available on the Rosemount 3101, 3102 and 3105 process level transmitters, the new housing is rugged, lightweight and corrosion resistant.

The plastic housing reduces the weight of the transmitter by 1 pound compared with the standard aluminum version, making it suitable for installation on extended mounting brackets, or on thin gauge metal tank roofs or plastic tanks. Rated up to IP66/67, it is suited to applications such as water storage installations and waste water and effluent treatment plants.

Rosemount 3100 series ultrasonic level transmitters provide a solution for a wide range of liquid measurement and control applications, providing level measurement up to 36 feet. The non-contacting technology with no moving parts enables a long operating life with minimal maintenance requirements.

The series comprises the Rosemount 3101, which measures level and outputs it as a 4–20 mA signal and the 3102 and 3105, which can calculate distance-to-surface, contents (volume) or open-channel flow. It can output the result as a 4–20 mA signal and a digital HART signal.

An integral temperature sensor continuously measures the air temperature around the transmitters. It then computes the speed of sound in air, automatically compensating the calculated distance for temperature effects. In addition, the Rosemount 3102 and 3105 have an optional remote temperature sensor.

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Emerson Process Management