Membrane-Filtration Pilot Plant Handles Multiple Membrane Geometries

A new membrane-filtration pilot unit developed by Membrane Specialists LLC is suitable for investigational and process-development projects in chemical, pharmaceutical, biofuels, food and beverage or any industry where membrane filtration can provide a solution to separation problems.

The lab-scale integrated test platform is caster-mounted for portability. It was designed to accommodate a broad range of membrane geometries, including tubular, spiral, hollow fiber and ceramic and can attain the flows and pressures required for reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and microfiltration operation.

The units are supplied with all the instrumentation necessary to automatically collect data on pressures, temperatures and flows to enable process modeling for full system scale up. Customization is available to allow the plants to be used for small production requirements in continuous, semi continuous or batch operation.

The main feed pump is a stainless-steel positive-displacement pump, usually variable speed, capable of producing a maximum operating pressure of 1,000 psi (69 bar). Pipe-work in contact with feed fluid is made of hygienic AISI-316 stainless steel. A shell-and-tube heat exchanger, also stainless steel, is provided to remove heat generated by the pump and maintain the temperature of the recycled liquid at the desired value.

An optional cleaning tank can be supplied. Other options can include additional pressure, temperature and flow indicators, data logging, and special piping arrangements to allow recycling of fluids for high recovery levels and other special needs.

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