Kit Simplifies Installation of Fluidizer Disks

Solimar Pneumatics has announced a new method of installation of its fluidizer disks. The new Fast-Fit Kit only requires a two-inch diameter hole to be drilled. The fluidizer is then inserted from outside the vessel. An alignment plate correctly positions the fluidizer stem for easy attachment, and a retaining cable assists in trouble-free installation of gasket, washer and nut, according to the company.

Solimar is a supplier of disk-type fluidizers for the fast discharge of powder and bulk solids for many applications including silos, hoppers, bins and trailers. The fluidizers can prevent rat-holing and bridging by utilizing air pressure to move the material while gently vibrating the vessel wall.

FDA-approved materials are used for food compatibility with models that operate in temperatures up to 450˚ F (230˚C). A metallic detectable version is also available for food applications. Numerous combinations of stems, fittings and airlines are available with models for high-pressure/low-volume or low-pressure/high-volume air systems.