Dual-Containment Tank Handles 40 Gallons

Peabody Engineering recently added a 40-gallon size to its Gemini Squared line. The tank has 22 percent more capacity than the Gemini cylindrical tank with the same footprint, making it a viable solution where space might be an issue.

Gemini Tanks were designed for use in the water treatment industry. The Gemini Squared Tank was built out of durable polyethylene to withstand chemicals, caustics and acids without corroding over time. It exceeds the Environmental Protection Agency’s (49 CFR) dual-containment requirement, while supporting up to 2.0 specific gravity contents and handling below freezing to 140 Fahrenheit temperatures.

The Gemini Squared tanks are also available in 10-gallon, 20-gallon and 70-gallon sizes. These plastic tanks come standard in blue or natural colors and custom colors are available.