Dewatering Sieve Clarifies Slurries in Process Applications

A new Cross-Flo static dewatering sieve from Kason Corp. continuously removes solids from waste streams at ultra-high rates, allowing clarification and dewatering of slurries in the chemical, food, mining, pulp/paper and industrial/municipal waste industries with little or no energy usage.

The screening deck is fitted with a stainless steel profile wire screen with slots oriented perpendicular to the flow of material, accelerating fluid through the screen.  An extended acceleration/orientation ramp at the upper portion of the unit establishes a proper feed velocity to the profile wire deck, aligning individual fibers in the direction of flow prior to reaching the transverse slotted openings.

The unit was designed to maximize the "Coanda" effect, whereby each thin layer of fluid sliced by the profile wire screen clings to the wall of the preceding profile wire, resulting in the acceleration of fluid through the screen. Twin spray bars aid in discharging collected solids from the lower edge of the screening deck, whose angle is adjustable to maximize dewatering rates.

The sieve is offered in widths from 24 to 72 inches (61 to 183 cm), with larger sizes available on a custom basis. Also available are two-deck models that separate solids into two sizes.  All models are suitable for in-plant and exterior installations, and are available with quick-release splash covers.

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