Blower Health Monitoring Solution Mitigates Failure Threats

Emerson Process Management has introduced a blower health monitoring solution as part of its family of Essential Asset Monitoring applications. While essential for fired heater or boiler operations, many blowers today are not sufficiently instrumented to perform on-line health monitoring. High costs for wired solutions have typically resulted in forced and induced draft blowers being monitored only periodically by maintenance checks and during field rounds. Failure symptoms are often missed between manual checks, leaving facilities vulnerable to unexpected failures which can trip a furnace or boiler.

Emerson’s new blower monitoring solution uses a pre-engineered application and networks of wireless or wired instruments that lower implementation costs and provide an early warning system for operations and maintenance staff, according to Emerson.

The new blower release adds to the growing family of Essential Asset Monitoring solutions, which include monitoring solutions for pumps and heat exchangers, with other asset types under development. Each scalable module provides the user with a selectable set of faults that determine which instruments are needed for that asset. The full solution from Emerson includes the software and any new devices and services required to implement and set it up.