AC Drive Built on Common Architecture Improves Efficiency

ABB’s new ACS880 AC drive portfolio features a high-contrast and high-resolution control display designed to enable easy navigation. In includes several flexible data visualizations, including bar charts, histograms, and trend graphs. The menus and messages are customizable for specific terminology for applications. An integrated USB port also allows easy connection to the PC tool.

The full product portfolio will allow users to utilize a single operator panel to program any of the drives within the family. Additionally, the field bus modules will be the same and be connected and set up the same way, and the parameter names and set up will be very similar, if not identical. The  PC programming software used for set up and monitoring is the same.

The Drive composer PC tool, for all drive types, offers harmonized start-up, commissioning and monitoring. The free entry version provides start-up and maintenance capabilities, while the professional version of the tool provides additional features, such as custom parameter windows, control diagrams of the drive’s configuration, basic parameter programming and safety settings.

The safety features include safe torque-off (STO), which can be used to prevent unexpected start-up or other stopping-related functions. The new ACS880 series will be available as single drives, multidrives and drive modules, with a wide power range and voltage range up to 690 V.

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