pH Probe Compensates For Pressure Fluctuations

Yokogawa has introduced the FU24 pH sensor, a new “four-in-one” model designed to offer low-maintenance operation and long sensor lifetime in applications that involve severe temperatures and pressure fluctuations. The new sensor incorporates a patented bellows system that automatically compensates for the effect of pressure fluctuations. 

Such pressure variations can be detrimental to sensor operation, as they can initiate a pumping effect resulting from the expansion and shrinkage of the gel or liquid inside the sensor. This can cause the pH measurement to drift as the process liquid ingresses into the sensor.

The FU24 automatically compensates for pressure fluctuations through a built-in bellows up to 10 bar, making the sensor insensitive to pressure variations. A positive overpressure maintained by the tension in the bellows generates a steady flow out of the sensor. Other features include pressurized reference, high chemical resistance, and a 1-inch NPT connection. 

Product Type:
pH and ORP