Security Camera Detects Fires

Opgal Optronic Industries has added long-range fire detection and fire risk assessment capabilities to certain models of its EyeSec line of uncooled thermal cameras. This integrated option delivers an application-specific embedded fire detection video algorithm that can sense a fire and provide automatic safety and security notification.

Available with a wide variety of lens options, the EyeSec fire detection and fire risk assessment solutions are suited for facilities with flammable materials, transportation tunnels, combustible storage areas, or perimeter sites located near flammable forests and greenery.

The camera is capable of detecting a 75 cm² fire from 840 meters within five seconds, with detection ranges increasing for larger-sized fires up to 6 m² and distances up to 6.5 km, day or night. The camera scans an area of interest and sends an alert when an object reaches a set critical temperature threshold.

Upon determining that a fire or risk exists, the camera adds a visual alarm overlay to the outgoing video signal, and generates an alert using a standard dry contact relay and/or through serial or IP communication. Users can define up to five areas of non-interest, where fires or risk are ignored.

Product Type:
Fire protection