Pressure Regulators Offer Performance Boost

Witt Gas Controls has increased the performance of its dome-loaded pressure regulator models 757LE and 737LE-HD, enabling the former to offer a 36% higher flow rate factor with a Kv value of 15. As a result, the maximum input pressure of many gases in the high-pressure regulator 737LE-HD also has been boosted by 50% to 300 bar.

The pressure regulators are available as a set that includes control module, pressure gauges, and connecting parts. The sets are fully assembled, tested and ready for installation in the gas line. When extended by a safety valve, the 737LE-HD can also be used as a powerful manifold pressure regulator in future applications.

Pressure is set via a control pressure regulator, which is supplied with either a separate gas or the gas to be regulated. Additional features include a number of connection options and a wide control range from 0.1 to 45 bar working pressure.

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