Portable Flow Meters Run On Batteries

Alicat Scientific introduces the MB series portable mass flow and liquid flow meters, powered by a nine-volt battery pack that provides eight to 10 hours of battery life. The new mass flow meters are designed to measure gas and water pressure, temperature and volumetric flow.

The lightweight, portable MB series meters fit easily into a pocket or work bag and can be used to verify proper operation of flow meters and flow controllers from any manufacturer, instantly take measurements in the field, and test for leaks in multiple processes or systems.

A patented laminar flow differential pressure technology delivers accurate results with quick response. Devices come pre-calibrated (NIST traceable) for air, hydrogen, helium, and argon, as well as 16 other gases and 10 gas mixes. The integrated digital display enables the MB series to operate as a standalone device.

In permanent installation applications, the MB units can be hardwired or wall-powered, with the battery serving as a backup during power loss to maintain critical operations monitoring. Users also can change the configuration of the meter without the need for computers, software or scripts.