Sensor System Detects Level Changes

BinMaster introduces the MultiBob inventory management system, which provides average bin levels using measurements taken by two up to 32 SmartBob2 or SmartBob TS-1 sensors. The sensors can be installed on a single bin, tank, silo or flat storage warehouse that contains powders, granulars or bulk solid materials.

Designed to detect level changes as bins and warehouses are emptied or filled using trucks, loaders or conveyors, the MultiBob system monitors levels in storage bins or flat storage warehouses where a single measurement is not adequate to estimate inventory. Data can help determine cone up and cone down, high and low spots, and which filling or emptying points to target in bins with multiple fill or discharge points.

Using BinMaster’s eBob software, the MultiBob system can be programmed to measure materials at scheduled time intervals or on demand, while measurement data can be compiled to calculate an average level or headroom and estimated percentage full. The software also enables users to add a strapping table to the bin parameters to further personalize the data for a particular bin.

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