Digital Transmitters Measure Pressure And Flow

Meriam Process Technologies has released the new M1500 digital pressure transmitters, designed for a wide range of pressure and flow measurement applications. Featuring output options that also include analog (mA or V DC), the digital transmitters are available with differential (dry/dry or wet/wet), gauge, compound, or absolute pressure sensor types.

The M1500 analog offers panel and DIN rail mounting options. Output accuracy is typically ±0.035% of F.S. Users are able to configure the unit for 0-5 VDC or 4-20 mA output, while two SPST opto-switches are included for alarms. M1500s are configured using a USB Mini A connector and the included Meriam setup utility, which supports initial configuration, zeroing, recalibration and other functions.

Software is included for initial setup and support. Meriam Serial protocol (MSP) or Modbus RTU protocol (pending) can be used to send and receive information digitally. Implementation guides are also available.

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Meriam Process Technologies