Thermocouple Connectors Feature Wireless Capability

Omega Engineering has launched the new MWTC-D Series of miniature portable wireless thermocouple connectors and data loggers. The MWTC-D is designed for the chemical, automotive and oil & gas industries to monitor and log temperature process over a period of time, as well as send data the wirelessly to a receiver. Multiple wireless connectors (up to 48 units) can transmit to one MWTC-REC receiver.

Capable of recording over 65,000 process temperature data points and available in standard J, K, T, E, R, S, B, C, or N thermocouple calibration, the compact connector is able to transmit and record process and ambient temperature data to a wireless receiver up to 300 feet away. Readings are displayed in real time via PC using the free provided software, while recordings can begin at power up or a preset time.

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Omega Engineering