Server Connects Serial Devices To Network

Newport Electronics offers its third generation iServer3G, which provides the capability to connect any serial device (RS-232, RS-485) to an Ethernet network or the Internet. Without writing any new code, the iServer3G can send notifications by email, and has SNMP for remote management.

The iServer makes an existing serial device a "node" on an Ethernet network, complete with a unique IP address that is accessible from any authorized computer on the LAN, WAN, or Internet. Able to convert Serial Modbus to Modbus TCP/IP over Ethernet, the iServer enables settings to be changed over the LAN from anywhere in the facility or remotely.

The three versions available include a wall-mount or bench-top model for most commercial and IT applications; a DIN rail mount for industrial applications; a printed circuit board-level product for embedded OEM applications.

Process control
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Integration with IT systems