Security System Protects OPC Servers From Unauthorized Clients

MatrikonOPC has released the newest version of OPC Security Gateway with support for HDA OPC servers. With growing cyber security threats to critical control systems and the associated historical data archives, both industry and government organizations are calling for the use of tighter control system security measures. OPC Security Gateway addresses such threats by providing real-time and historical data protection for new and existing control systems.
Using the OPC Foundation’s OPC Security specification, OPC Security Gateway protects OPC servers from unauthorized OPC clients. In addition to DCOM security, users can completely and precisely control who can browse, add, read and/or write to a tag on a per-user-per-tag basis for any OPC DA and HDA server. Control system data has never been safer.

OPC Security supports Windows 7 and Windows 2008. It has the ability to perform multiple requests to fulfill a single large request from the OPC Client and throttle requests to low-performance HDA OPC servers.

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