Back Pressure Regulator Features Integral Tri-Clamp Ferrules

Equilibar introduces its new FD Series back pressure regulator with integral tri-clamp ferrules. The FD Series regulators are available in the one-half-inch and 1-inch tubing size, with a planned extension to the 2-inch size.

The body material is SS316L with PTFE or Viton diaphragms. Many industrial customers have hygienic processes where clean-in-place is required and pipe threads need to be avoided. One large market for this is liquid product blending of consumer household and beauty care products. Though industrial fluid controls with pipe threads have traditionally been used in these applications, some manufacturers are migrating to hygienic processes to exclude microbes even in these non-food items.
The one-half-inch tri-clamp EB1FD4 back pressure regulator was designed to address pressure control problems of low-flow-rate streams in these liquid product blending applications. In many systems, flow rate control using positive displacement pumps can be improved by having a stable back pressure on the pump outlet.  This is especially true for low-viscosity additives.

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