New Pressure Transducers Are Sealed To IP65 Environmental Rating

Omega Engineering's PXM309 metric series has a static accuracy of 0.25% and a 1% total error band (TEB) over a compensated range of -20 to 85 degrees Celsius (on ranges of 1 to 700 bar). Ranges from 70 mbar to 3.5 bar are also available with a slightly larger TEB.

All units are supplied with a five-point NIST traceable calibration certificate. The all stainless-steel construction and solid-state reliability make these transducers suitable for most industrial applications as well as engine test stands. 

The PXM309 series transducers are sealed to an IP65 environmental rating and are available with three electrical terminations, a two-meter cable with flying leads, a mini-DIN connector or a four-pin M12 connector. Two outputs are available, either 0-10 Vdc or 4-20 mA. The pressure connection is a standard G ¼ male metric fitting.
Prices start at $200.

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