Pre-Engineered Subsystems For Fluid Processing Available As Single-Ordering Number

Swagelok Co. has developed  a series of five standardized subsystems for use in all types of plants and facilities where fluids are processed. Each predesigned and preassembled subsystem features integrated design of key safety and efficiency measures. The subsystem is available as a single-ordering number, which can help improve procurement and ease of installation across a plant.

The product series includes a fluid distribution header, field station module, calibration and switching module, fast loop module and sample probe module.

An application guide is available for each subsystem to help customers choose which system fits their particular application. The guides include materials of construction, dimensional information including weight and mounting holes, and complete ordering information.  A user’s manual is included with each purchased system. The manuals include installation, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting information for the system, as well as individual component instruction and maintenance cards. This documentation is included with delivery and can be passed through upon integration into end products, such as analyzer sheds, as needed.

Fluid handling
Product Type:
Pipe, tubing and fittings