Bulkhead Fittings Provide Constant Load On The Gasket

Hayward Flow Control has launched its CCP Series Tank-Tite compression fittings. Tank-Tite is a PVC compression fitting that provides a constant load on the gasket of the bulkhead fitting to overcome and compensate for tank wall expansion/contraction due to changes in temperature or pressure within the tank. It also imparts at the same time a constant load on the bulkhead fitting nut that reduces the possibility of loosening of the nut due to vibration within the system.

Key features of the Tank-Tite include PVC upper- and lower-body construction, 17-7PH stainless-steel wave spring and rating of up to 150 PSI Non-Shock at70 degrees Fahrenheit. It also fits with all Hayward BFA series bulkhead fittings.

Typical applications or installations in conjunction with Hayward Bulkhead Fittings include water and wastewater treatment, chemical processing, food & beverage, swimming pools, aquariums, marine or corrosive environments, metal finishing/plating, and agriculture/irrigation.