Heat Transfer System Provides Temperature Control For Industrial Applications

Chromalox introduces its MOS midsize hot-oil heat transfer systems that are suitable for applications in reactors, evaporators, dryers, platen pareses, heat exchangers, roll heating or jacketed kettles, vessels and tanks.

The systems were designed for use with a wide variety of heat transfer oils such as Paratherm, Mobiletherm, Therminol and Dow Brands. The system offers a compact installation footprint while providing heat transfer capabilities to 600 degrees Fahrenheit or 650 degrees Fahrenheit at atmospheric pressure (non-pressurized).

They are available for operation from 50 to 150 kW. The MOS offers SCR electronic solid state power control. The unit operates in a closed-loop system using an optional cold expansion tank, reducing the degradation of heat transfer fluids and removing the requirements for a nitrogen (N2) purge.  Fully pre-wired and tested, the system is ready to operate on site and provides a space-saving design through a compact footprint.

The system features an air-cooled mechanical seal, so no external cooling is required. MOS systems feature rugged 150# carbon-steel construction for industrial application, with a heavy-duty, steel support base with channel grooves for forklift transport. A fully welded heat chamber houses Chromalox heating elements.

Heat transfer
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