CE Compliant Control Minimizes Compressed Air Use

Exair's digital electronic temperature control (ETC) cabinet cooler system keeps electrical enclosures cool while minimizing compressed air use. Independent laboratory tests now certify that the ETC is CE compliant to ensure safe operation in a wide range of cooling applications.

The ETC maintains a constant temperature in the electrical enclosure that is slightly under the maximum rating of the electronics. It permits just enough cooling for the electronics without going so cold as to waste compressed air. A digital LED readout displays the temperature of the electrical enclosure, then displays the user temperature setting when pressing the "push to set" button. When that setting is exceeded, the Cabinet Cooler system is activated, which circulates 20 degrees Fahrenheit air throughout the electrical enclosure to prevent a high temperature malfunction.

The ETC is suitable for NEMA 4, 4X and 12 environments with a polycarbonate plastic housing and sealed membrane push-button control. All systems include an automatic drain filter separator to keep moisture in the compressed air out of the electrical enclosure. Models for 120 VAC or 240 VAC are available with cooling capacities up to 2,800 btu/hr. Applications include cooling programmable controllers, CNC panels, computer cabinets and variable speed drives.

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