Chromatography Products Enable Transition From Bench To Pilot Scale

Pall Corp. introduces the PKP Chromatography systems and Resolute FM column chromatography products. These products are designed to enable users in the biotech, vaccine, and plasma markets to more easily transition from bench scale to pilot scale or small manufacturing scale.

The compact design of Pall's PKP Chromatography systems, with a virtually pipework-free flow path and stainless-steel construction, helps ensure consistent operation within current Good Manufacturing Practices. This modular design allows for thorough cleaning up to 80 oC.

The PKP Chromatography systems are designed for performance in a highly flexible operating environment, providing a broad flow range (1 to 150 L/h) that enables users to maximize product yield and purity and process reproducibility. This versatility is can help at pilot scale when system throughput becomes increasingly complex and product quality is a top priority. PKP Chromatography systems are also suitable for process optimization tasks.

Pall's chromatography portfolio also features the new Resolute FM columns, which are complementary to the PKP chromatograph.

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